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Pinky pellet (1/4) by HangHang0902 Pinky pellet (1/4) :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 0 0 Pinky pellet (3/4) by HangHang0902 Pinky pellet (3/4) :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 1 1 Cashy white eyes was disappearing by HangHang0902 Cashy white eyes was disappearing :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 1 0 Burning Diamond white eyeballs were disappearing by HangHang0902 Burning Diamond white eyeballs were disappearing :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 0 5 Ruby by HangHang0902 Ruby :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 0 0 Pink Bow by HangHang0902 Pink Bow :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 1 0 Puzzley by HangHang0902 Puzzley :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 1 1 Green Ornament Ball by HangHang0902 Green Ornament Ball :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 0 0 Pink Diamond (Burning Diamond) by HangHang0902 Pink Diamond (Burning Diamond) :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 1 1 My metro map - Kuk Yuen Line by HangHang0902 My metro map - Kuk Yuen Line :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 1 1 My metro map - Yiu Tin Line 1 by HangHang0902 My metro map - Yiu Tin Line 1 :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 0 0 My background : Underwater by HangHang0902 My background : Underwater :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 1 8 Prasiolite (Prassy) by HangHang0902 Prasiolite (Prassy) :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 1 0 Lettuce by HangHang0902 Lettuce :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 2 0 Cashy by HangHang0902 Cashy :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 1 0 Blue Rose (Bluerose Bailey) by HangHang0902 Blue Rose (Bluerose Bailey) :iconhanghang0902:HangHang0902 0 0


SUMMER TIME :D by Franny-draws-shit SUMMER TIME :D :iconfranny-draws-shit:Franny-draws-shit 50 33 Promin Plusmin by StrawberryStar123 Promin Plusmin :iconstrawberrystar123:StrawberryStar123 13 12 Promin Idolmin by StrawberryStar123 Promin Idolmin :iconstrawberrystar123:StrawberryStar123 12 29 Promin Dokimin by StrawberryStar123 Promin Dokimin :iconstrawberrystar123:StrawberryStar123 8 9 Psi's blue leotards~ by Coulden2017DX Psi's blue leotards~ :iconcoulden2017dx:Coulden2017DX 6 31 Psi's stylish leotard~ by Coulden2017DX Psi's stylish leotard~ :iconcoulden2017dx:Coulden2017DX 10 15 Purple Psi's swimsuit (read desc.) by Coulden2017DX Purple Psi's swimsuit (read desc.) :iconcoulden2017dx:Coulden2017DX 13 35 Yellow Y's one-piece outfits~ by Coulden2017DX Yellow Y's one-piece outfits~ :iconcoulden2017dx:Coulden2017DX 10 17 Mousse's one-piece outfit (read desc) by Coulden2017DX Mousse's one-piece outfit (read desc) :iconcoulden2017dx:Coulden2017DX 6 4 .:Commission:. catch the ball!~ by Carol2015 .:Commission:. catch the ball!~ :iconcarol2015:Carol2015 23 11 Catch the ball~! by Coulden2017DX Catch the ball~! :iconcoulden2017dx:Coulden2017DX 12 41


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Cashy white eyes was disappearing
Cashy might be can’t see anything.

The emery destroyed her coin necklace and bow.

Edit from : ImgPlay 
Cashy : Melodycharlotte

This art is outdated
Burning Diamond white eyeballs were disappearing
Hmmm......Burning Diamond has turning into the zombie.

Well, she attacked the zombies, she was ate by the red zombie. Then, her bow and power was losing, and her white eyeballs were disappearing...

Yeah, I don’t know :(

Make from : ImgPlay 
Burning Diamond : MelodyCharlotte
There have some word of language about chinese, use translation to change in English.

Part A
Complete what they say.

(All BFB contestants are talking about something. Let’s what they say.)
Remote : I have no e.g.idea(主意) this time.
X : Shut up!
Four : OK, today we are talking about next contest.
Tennis Ball : I think the next contest is 1.            (籃球),because I love play 2._______(運動).
8 Ball : But you are armless. How about bake the 3._____(蛋糕),because Four like eat dessert.
X : Maybe a dodgeball contest.

(Meanwhile, Plusmin and minusmin are join at BFB.)

Plusmin : Hmmm......Where are we.
Firey : 4.________(歡迎) to the BFB.
Minusmin : Oh I see.
Plusmin : What are you talking about?
Four : We are talking about next contest.
Plusmin : OK, how about 5.________(斯諾克).
Ice Cube : Is that about sport.
Minusmin : Yes, It is.

(Suddenly, I enter BFB Room.)

Plusmin : Wait, Is that he is 6.________(學生)?
X : Oh, nice to meet you. Hang Hang.

(Then.......A few minutes later......)

Plusmin : Hmmm.......
恆恆:不如 7.計算機 比賽。
Needle : How?
恆恆:其實我由小學六年級時,我第一次用計算機。後來我在數學周的時候,我發現有高中計算機比賽。不過我已經中三,在下學期,當開始教 8.百分數 時,姜宜彬老師說開始 9.帶
Blocky : Wow, that was a mathematic teacher call you bring it.
Four: Oh, me too. So that mean, we 10.________(決定)the next contest.
Everyone : Okay!

Part B
Finish the question 7-9.

7.________          8.__________          9.__________

Part C
Answer all the questions.

11.In line 33, what ‘it’ mean?
12.What is your favourite sports? Do you like sports? Why or why not?
13.How happen next? Comment now.


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My background : Underwater by HangHang0902
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